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The Fine Art of Audio Recording

  • Multitrack digital recording and CD production services for central Indiana.
  • Live concerts, full length recordings, demo recordings, spoken presentations, recitals, indoors, outdoors.
  • Studio recordings, demos, audition CDs, audio books, voiceovers.
  • Vinyl or Cassette to CD audio transfers with digital remastering, scratch removal, noise reduction.
  • Audio Restoration (Audio enhancement and noise reduction) of any recorded audio.
  • Dedicated to providing the best audio quality possible at an economical price.

Make a quality CD of your recital                Record a Demo CD                Record in your livingroom                Produce a full length CD                Record a song and send it as musical Christmas cards                Record your Church Choir                Make a CD of story telling                Record at your School                Record accompaniment for singing practice                Produce a CD of a live concert                Restore and Preserve a rare vinyl record on CD                Record a spoken program                Remaster old recordings                Record outdoors                Send a CD of bedtime stories to your grandchildren                Copy cassette tape to CD                Record a rhythm track for band practice               

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