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The MP3 samples below represent a broad variety of music and recording situations.  Live concerts, a rather candid living room recording, a recording session in a bedroom, and studio recordings.  Solo musicians, acoustic groups, and choirs with orchestra accompaniment.  The selections I have posted here do not necessarily represent the best tracks from each of these projects.  They have been chosen to represent a good cross section of the recordings I have done over the last few years.


A benefit recital in support of Cultures in Harmony, featuring music of Messiaen, Saint-Saens, Sarasate, and Schubert with William Harvey on violin, and Jeannette Koekkoek on piano.  Recorded live at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

cheap-tracks_mftp2006_sample.mp3 (2817K, 2:00 min)


"The Brimleys" are a small a cappella choir at Earlham College.  We recorded their CD one Sunday afternoon in Goddard Auditorium on the Earlham campus.  The chorus members do all their own arrangements.  This is a sample from "They", originally performed by Jem.

cheap-tracks_brimleys_sample.mp3 (2817K, 2:00 min)


When the First Presbyterian Church of Lebanon purchased a new piano, the celebrated the event with a grand recital featuring the many pianists in the Church's congregation.  The recital was recorded and the CDs were sold to congregation members to raise additional funds.

cheap-tracks_lebanon_sample.mp3 (1404K, 1:00 min)


Hogeye Navvy is an acoustic, shanty-singing band whose repertoire expands to include the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, England, and North America.  I recorded their Indy Folk Series performance in 2004 and turned it into their third CD release, Poor Old Horse.

cheap-tracks_hogeye_sample.mp3 (2911K, 2:04 min)

Hear more samples and purchase Hogeye CDs here.


Robin Riebsomer is a nurse here in Indianapolis who's been writing and playing music for over thirty years.  Her CD recording project spanned nearly a year.  Every few months she would bring her Yamaha keyboard over and we'd record a couple of songs.  She'd then go back home and arrange some more music.  

cheap-tracks_robin_r_sample.mp3 (4836K, 3:26 min)


I was contacted by a man in St. Louis who wanted to have a recording of his 85 year old grandmother (who lives in Central Indiana) playing the organs in the  living room of her home.  Most of the music was played on an old Thomas electronic organ.  This medley of "Amazing Grace" and "Search Me, O God" was performed on a pump organ that was built in Seymour, Indiana.

cheap-tracks_denison_sample.mp3 (3345K, 2:22 min)


A selection from Vivaldi's "Gloria" as performed by the Choir of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis where Karen Cooksey is the Director of Music.  "Domine Deus" with soprano soloist Denise Finneran and 10 piece orchestra.  Recorded live on 12/19/04.

cheap-tracks_uui_12-19-04_sample2.mp3 (2814K, 2:00 min)

From the same service, the "Gratias Agimus Tibi" and "Propter Magnam Gloriam" movements featuring 35 voices and orchestra.

cheap-tracks_uui_12-19-04_sample1.mp3 (1961K, 1:24 min)


The opening number of the 2004 Heartland Choral Festival at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis circled the congregation with about 75 singers.  "Sim Shalom" is a beautiful acapella piece, but I was not made aware of the in-the-round arrangement of the singers until very late in the game, so there were no special microphone arrangements made for this piece.  This is the recording I got from the pair of omni microphones I had placed to pickup applause and congregational singing.

cheap-tracks_simshalom.mp3 (3985K, 4:14)


A live recording of Bittersweet and Briers from their March 2004 Indy Folk Series performance.  This sample is their instrumental close to "Little Beggar Man" featuring Irish whistle, hammered dulcimer, guitar, bodhran, and banjomandolin.

cheap-tracks_b&b_sample.mp3 (1786K, 1:16 min)

Hear more samples and purchase the CD here


Sigmon Myers performs Prelude in D-Flat Major, Op. 28 no. 15 by Chopin.  Recorded April 15th 2004 at his Senior Piano Recital in the Lebanon High School Auditorium, Lebanon, Indiana.

cheap-tracks_sig_myer_chopin_sample.mp3 (1693K, 1:48 min)


Vinyl transfer & restoration - A sample from "Bundook Ballads" by Ewan McColl - recorded in 1956 & 1958.  The disk I transferred was released in 1965.  This is from the worst passage on the disk.  It is 60 second passage untouched, and the same passage restored.

cheap-tracks_bundooks_sample.mp3 (2345K, 2:00 min)


David Oesterreich (Uncle DaveO) sings "She'd Rather Make Coffee Than Love" - an original selection from his 23 song CD "The Real Story" which was recorded from 11/03 - 01/04 in my studio space.

cheap-tracks_dave_o_sample.mp3 (2408K, 2:34 min) Photos

Meet Uncle DaveO and buy his CD here.


William Harvey performs the Preludio from Partita No. 3 in E Major, BWV 1006 by Johann Sebastian Bach at a recital at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis.

Recorded 01/03/04

cheap-tracks_w_harvey_sample.mp3 (1876K, 2 min)

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Brothers William Harvey (violin) and Theodore Harvey (piano) perform Polonaise de Concert, Opus 4 by Henryk Wieniawski at a recital at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis.

Recorded 01/03/04

cheap-tracks_w_t_harvey_sample.mp3 (1876K, 2 min) 

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The Champaign-Urbana Sweet Adelines chorus (Women's Barbershop) singing "The Star Spangled Banner", Jackie Compton, Director.  Recorded in the music room at Unity Jr. High School in Tolono, Illinois.

Recorded 11/11/03

cheap-tracks_cu_sweet_adlines_sample.mp3 (1300K, 1:23) 


Seventeen year old Sigmon Myers performing "Fantasia in D Minor" by Mozart as part of a solo piano recital.  Played on a Steinway Baby Grand piano at the First Presbyterian Church in Lebanon, Indiana.  Recorded 06/19/03

cheap-tracks_sig_myer_sample.mp3 (1876K, 2 Min) Photos


The 3-piece acoustic group Montage performing "Shady Groves" for their debut CD "Bits and Pieces".  This piece features Hammer Dulcimer, Tenor Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Vocals.  The 7 song CD was recorded in a bedroom in 5 hours.  Recorded 11/16/02.

cheap-tracks_montage_sample.mp3 (939K, 60 sec.)


Scratch removal demo - This is a sample from a set of records that I played to death as a kid.  The filtering done on these records was much more severe than I would usually apply to quality album in good condition, but this demonstrates the dramatic improvements that can be made to a damaged record while preserving audio quality.

cheap-tracks_scratch_removal1.mp3 (1,876K, 2 min.)


The Second Nature Band performing "Ginseng Sullivan" at an Indy Folk Series performance on 04/03/02

cheap-tracks_second_nature_sample.mp3 (939K, 60 sec.)


Jeff Barnhart performing "If Dreams Come True" (Piano) 06/02/02 at Warren Central High School, Indianapolis.  A Concert sponsored by the Classic Ragtime Society of Indianapolis.

cheap-tracks_barnhart_sample.mp3 (939K, 60 sec.)


Brian Holland performing "Ain't Misbehavin'" (Piano) 06/02/02 at Warren Central High School, Indianapolis.  A Concert sponsored by the Classic Ragtime Society of Indianapolis.

cheap-tracks_holland_sample.mp3 (939K, 60 sec.)


Greg O'Haver performing " Deep River Blues" (Guitar, Vocal) at an Indy Folk Series Open Mike Night.

cheap-tracks_ohaver_sample.mp3 (826K, 52 sec.)

This was recorded as a single, mono track before I had multitrack equipment.


All samples posted with performers' permission.

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