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What is Sonic Artistry?

Sonic Artistry is a multitrack recording service in Carmel, Indiana founded on the premise that anyone can afford to have a quality CD recording of their performance.  It is not a full time effort, but the hobby of someone who dearly loves music and enjoys creativity through technology.  Good ears, powerful tools, and the drive to achieve the best possible results can yield surprisingly good recordings tailored to fit your budget.

The evolution of digital recording technology has made recording accessible to just about anyone.  That said, not everyone has the right stuff to make great recordings.  A camera does not take good pictures.  Pots and pans don't cook good food, and microphones don't make memorable recordings.

Just as anyone can buy a camera and take pictures, a talented photographer knows how to utilize lenses, exposure, lighting, camera angles, and post processing techniques to make a memorable image - and a creative eye makes it all work.  An understanding of microphones, acoustics, microphone techniques, and a knowledge of effects and mixing, plus the creative ear to put it all together is what separates Sonic Artistry from so many other folks with microphones and mixers.
Sonic Artistry is not a full service recording studio.  I have a small "studio" space, and portable frames and pads that can tame the acoustics in most rooms to provide a good recording environment wherever you want to record.  A modest (but always expanding) collection of quality microphones will cover most recording projects.  For more complex projects, rental equipment can fill even the most demanding requirements.  The recording equipment is portable and can be setup virtually anywhere.

If you have more hardware than money, let's talk.  I am always looking for additional gear and am willing to barter my services for audio gear or other services.

With the ability to capture 24 live tracks at 24 bit resolution, 32 bit mixing in production, and dozens of digital effects, Sonic Artistry can tackle big jobs as well as small ones.  Whether you want to capture several hours of live performance or need a solo demo CD, Sonic Artistry will provide a quality recording at a very affordable price.  I have also provided high quality audio feed for video productions, recorded story telling, and telephone interviews.


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