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In general I charge $40/hour for my audio work.  This includes recording sessions, production work, remastering tape and vinyl transfers, etc.  I try to be efficient with my time and take care of computer-intensive tasks while I can account for my time elsewhere.  In other words, I will not charge 30 minutes to a job because my computer is chewing on data for 30 minutes.  It's MY time that I track, not the computer's time.  There is no additional charge for the use of my equipment.

Tape and vinyl transfers seem to be pretty predictable, so I have established a rate of $20 per record or tape, plus $1.20 per minute of material to be recorded.  

For recording, I charge $40/hour for on site time as well as production and half that rate for travel time.  If rental equipment or third-party service is required, I simply ask you to cover the cost.  I do not profit from others' services.


Please contact me with the details of your performance or recording session and we can discuss your requirements.  I may be able to provide a rough time estimate once I have a better understanding of your recording project.  I am also willing to work within your budget constraints.  I will tailor the amount of setup time and production work to fit your needs.  A big multitrack job may require a car-load of equipment and 2+ hours of setup time.  A straight-forward single-track recording can be done with an arm-load of gear and a 15 minute setup.

        Photo by Tom Hanafee, Positive Light Photography

Multitrack recording projects generate huge amounts of data.  It is not uncommon for a project to take up 80GB of disk space or even more.  I will archive your project on recordable DVD media and keep the disks on hand indefinitely.  If you would also like to store your data in an off-site location I will charge $2/GB to create a duplicate set of disks and ship them to you.

I will save the a copy of the final CD.  It will be stored on CD media and stored in my home in the event that additional copies are needed in the future.

Additional CD copies start at $2.50 per disk (10 disk minumum).  I can provide high volume copies (over 200) through third parties.  Contact me with your requirements and I will provide you with an exact quote.


Karl Zemlin
email Karl at Sonic Artistry dot Net
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